Poo Bear Explains Justin Bieber Hit “Hard 2 Face Reality”

The famed producer, who shares co-writing credits on such hits as “Where Are Ü Now” and “What Do You Mean?,” has just dropped his ‘Bearthday Music‘ album, and from Jennifer Lopez to J Balvin, his featured guests are some of the world’s biggest superstars. Including Justin Bieber. In our exclusive interview, Poo Bear chats with Vevo about working with Bieber and Jay Electronica on the hit “Hard 2 Face Reality.” He says that Justin came up with the chorus while vibin’ around in the studio, riffing on ideas. And he explains how a simple reversal of chords made the bridge go from something dark to something “angelic.” Get all the deets straight from Poo.

Director: Micah Bickham
Producer: Jayson Rodriguez & Priya Minhas
Editor: Kevin Rose

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Poo Bear


Elle King – Elle King’s Three Thoughts on Spirits

Elle King – Three Thoughts on Spirits

Elle King is one of those artists who holds back nothing. When she rolls through a song, like her 2015 smash “Exe’s and Oh’s,” she’s giving 110%. That’s why people walk away from her shows shaking their heads and saying “holy sh!t.” When we had King in three years ago to explain her roots in our DSCVR interview, she told us that her mom says she came out screaming at birth and has always been an up-front person. From her teen days busking in Greenwich Village to tour dates with James Bay and Ed Sheeran, she reached audiences around the world with her mix of rock, country and alt. Her upcoming ‘Shake the Spirit’ album has some unusual inspirations. King says there’s no reason to be afraid of ghosts, and that spirits helped her formulate some of her work. you only need to hear “Good Thing Gone” once to understand the music is tinged with a gospel fervor. See how she describes opening up to something “bigger than ourselves” in our ‘Three Thoughts’ interview.

Producer: Priya Minhas

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Elle King


Saweetie – Saweetie Breaks Down “ICY GRL”

Though she had a record or two to her name previously, Bay Area rapper Saweetie blasted onto the scene with “ICY GRL,” a free-flowing ode to live-yr-best-life, business-first mentality. It got her an instant fan base. The video has clocked more than 35 million views in the last seven months. Her ‘High Maintenance’ album has just arrived as well, so we headed out to get our nails did with the rising star. Along the way we talked about makeup advice, feeling good on the inside, and flexing icy.

Producers: Anupa Mistry & Hailey Rovner

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Becky G, Natti Natasha – Becky G & Natti Natasha Talk Success, Sexuality, and “Sin Pijama”

Vevo Artist on Artist: Becky G & Natti Natasha Talk Success, Sexuality, and “Sin Pijama”

Two of our hottest Latin stars sit down to chat about how they vibed each other instantly on the “Sin Pijama” video shoot. Along the way our ‘Artist on Artist’ talk veers off into the realms of Latinas changing the power paradigm, owning their sexuality, and giving fans good music.

Producers: Kim Taylor Bennett & Priya Minhas

Watch Becky & Natti in Hot This Week: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=x9s6eCiLkp8

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Trevor Jackson – :60 with Trevor Jackson

As an actor he’s played Simba on Broadway, done time in ‘American Crime” and is rolling on ‘Grown-ish.” As a singer he’s the dude behind “B&W,” “Like We Grown” and “Apocalypse.” Trevor Jackson has got mucho skills when it comes to entertainment, as a trip through his new ‘ Rough Drafts Pt. 1’ will attest. We had the ‘Superfly’ star (he plays Youngblood Priest in Director X’s upcoming remake) in for a rapid-fire interview, and along the way he revealed his thoughts on dressing up, corn on the cob, Hawaii and the best hugs ever.

Producer: Jason Rodriguez

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Trevor Jackson


Ayo & Teo – “Ay3” Footnotes

Ayo & Teo – Ay3 (Vevo Footnotes)

You know ’em from the ice on their wrist – as of today, Ayo & Teo’s “Rolex” video has clocked almost 500 million views since dropping last year. The dancer/singer duo, famous for their masks as well as their music, always get fans moving when they deliver a new track. Their latest, “Ay3,” was produced by BL$$D & Bixtel, and its vid was directed by Motion Family (who also did Rae Sremmurd’s “Black Beatles”). Both feature Lil Yachty (fun fact: Yachty’s “1 Night” was the first song Ayleo and Mateo Bowles ever danced together to), and the guys have got a little dance challenge going with this one. Our “Footnotes” gives you lots of background info about the pair, the videos that inspired them, and Lil Yachty’s mom.

Producer: Priya Minhas
Editor: Colton Fordyce

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Setting The Mood With PRETTYMUCH

Brandon, Austin, Zion, Nick and Edwin have certain ways to get pumped before a show, get hype when hosting a party and get up in the morning. Our ‘Setting the Mood’ interview digs in to see what tracks ignite these moments. Watch and see where G. Eazy, Jaden Smith, Elton John, Glass Animals and Colbie Caillat, Chris Brown fit on the daily playlists.

Producer: Priya Minhas

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Chase Rice – “Eyes On You” Official Performance & Meaning | Vevo

From “Ready, Set, Roll” to “Three Chords and the Truth,” Chase Rice has given us some strong videos during the last few years. Last year’s ‘Lambs & Lions’ is as impressive as his past albums, and from “Jack Daniels Showed Up” to “Unforgettable,” he shows fans just how the scope of his music keeps broadening. Chase took a break from his summer tour dates to swing by and put a spin on “Eyes On You,” one of ‘Lambs & Lions’s most poignant ballads. Watch our exclusive performance, and see what Chase says about the “truths” that the song’s couple embrace as their romantic tale unfolds. They’re part of what he says makes this “the most special song I’ve put out so far.”

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Chase Rice


Michelle Branch on her New Album and Working with Patrick Carney of The Black Keys

Michelle Branch clocked hits such as “All You Wanted,” “Everywhere” and “Are You Happy Now?” back in the early ’00s, and won a Grammy for “The Game of Love” with Santana. But until this year, she hadn’t made an album since her duo with Jessica Harp, The Wreckers, put out ‘Stand Still, Look Pretty’ in 2006. She stopped by Vevo to chat about her new record, ‘Hopeless Romantic,” which features the video “Best You Ever.” In our news interview, Branch talks about songwriting inspirations that come with “ending an 11-year marriage and dating for the first time,” and “the excitement” and perils of being in a relationship.” The Nashville resident worked with her friend Patrick Carney of The Black Keys, and he encouraged her to play more guitar and steer the music towards the tougher rock ‘n’ roll sound she was hearing for her new songs. Branch says learned a lot about herself by writing ‘Hopeless Romantic.’ “It’s always interesting when you write a song and you look at it six months later and say ‘Oh, I was really feeling that way, I was really in that spot.'”

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‘Hopeless Romantic’ release date: April 7

Steve Moakler – Vevo Meets: Steve Moakler

Vevo Meets: Steve Moakler. 2017

Steve Moakler has been ready for his close-up since he was a kid in the suburbs of Pittsburgh – riding in the family station wagon, getting lost in the songs on the radio, and dreaming about singing for his classmates in the school auditorium. He started chasing his dream when he moved to Nashville after high school. His love of rock and country forge his sound. Three albums later he’s built a rep writing songs for Dierks Bentley (“Riser”), Ashley Monroe, and Kellie Pickler – “I don’t know if I’ve had a single big break. I feel like my career has been a series of little breaks,” he says.

He arrived at Vevo Meets session to celebrated the arrival of his new album, ‘Steel Town.’ “I’ve had the title in my head for a long time,” he says. “But I’ve been very intimidated; where I’m from means so much to me, and there’s a lot of pride in Pittsburgh and in the Rust Belt. I wanted to honor that. This is my fourth album, but it feels like in a lot of ways, it’s the first time I’m ever going back and talking about the earlier chapters of my life and where I’m from.” So far, there have been two videos released from the disc, “Wheels” and “Suitcase.”

Check ‘Vevo Meets’ to learn about Moakler’s roots, and learn how his hobby of building birdhouses has more impact that simply relaxing on his off-hours.

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Steve Moakler


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