The Best of ‘Know or Go’

The Best of 'Know or Go'

Celebrate “Game Night’s” release in theaters with the best of Ellen’s tallest game, “Know or Go.” These contestants had some answers that were a scream.

‘Game of Games’ Contestants Get ‘Know or Go’ Redemption on Ellen!

'Game of Games' Contestants Get 'Know or Go' Redemption on Ellen!

Three of Ellen’ s favorite “Game of Games” contestants didn’t get to advance to the final round of “Know or Go,” so she gave them a chance at redemption on her show!

Ellen Previews Her New ‘Game of Games’ Show!

Ellen Previews Her New 'Game of Games' Show!

If you love “Know or Go,” “Dizzy Dash” and “Tuba Toothpaste,” you’re going to love Ellen’s new supersized show, “Game of Games,” premiering in December on NBC!

‘Know or Go’ Is Back!

'Know or Go' Is Back!

For the first time in Season 15, Ellen played a classic round of “Know or Go” with three lucky audience members!

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