Russia’s Tiger Population Finally Rebounds! Corrupt Tribe Leaders Not Happy With the Good News!

Subscribe to Vesti News In the last 10 years, a great deal of work has been done in Russia to restore the population of the endangered Amur tiger. In 2008, when a special program was launched in Russia, there were a little more than 400 specimens in the Far East. And in the fall […]

Putin: Sanctions Hurt Europe More Than Russia! New Industry Now Exist That Didn’t Before!

Subscribe to Vesti News Vladimir Putin: “I state with all my responsibility, that our economy has adapted to external shocks. And our currency has become more stable in the face of energy source price fluctuations. In that regard, our economy and national currency are unfastening from the world oil markets.”

Sberbank Bank Shows Off New AI Assistants “Elena” and “Gleb” to Prime Minister Medvedev!

Subscribe to Vesti News An electronic nurse, which can relieve a doctor of paperwork, a system of unmanned control of trams, commuter trains, and combine harvesters, and AI that can identify a fraudulent transaction among billions were demonstrated to Dmitry Medvedev today at Sberbank’s exhibition of innovative products. The state is going to use […]

Minister of Finance Siluanov: US Senate to Punish Russia For Fighting ISIS in Syria With Sanctions!

Subscribe to Vesti News Last hour news. A US Senate committee has approved sanctions against Russia for helping Syria. Russia has been training for years to cope with such measures. It’s now at the same time tuning for cooperation and is preparing for new possible surprises. Moscow continues to reduce the share of the […]

Cooperation At It’s Finest! Russia Helps Building New Aircraft and Ships For China in Sichuan!

Subscribe to Vesti News Chinese companies will now build ships and aircraft using aluminum made by Russian production techniques. Today, a factory opened in China. It was built thanks to Russian investment. Not only is the enterprise big, even by Chinese standards, but it’s also environmentally friendly.

Putin Awards Nine “Hero of the Russian Federation” Medals to Bravest Soldiers in Military!

Subscribe to Vesti News Today, Russia is celebrating the Fatherland’s Heroes Day. Exactly 250 years ago, Empress Catherine II established the Order of Saint George. It was awarded for courage and heroism until the 1917 revolution. It was replaced by the title Hero of the Soviet Union, and since 1992, the Gold Star medal […]

Leaving a Mark: Moscow’s Legendary Former Mayor Yury Luzhkov to Be Given a Hero’s Burial!

Subscribe to Vesti News Yury Luzhkov will be buried at Novodevichy Cemetery. This was announced today by the city administration. The main monuments to the eventful Luzhkov era will be the numerous facilities, without which are impossible to imagine the capital today – the underground galleries of Okhotny Ryad, the skyscrapers of the Business […]

Putin Sounds OFF! Germany Refused to Hand Over Jihadi Responsible For Moscow Bombings!

Subscribe to Vesti News The heads of states answered journalists‘ questions after the summit. They also asked about the investigation of a high-profile crime in Berlin. Angela Merkel said that she asked Moscow to share data about a Georgian citizen murdered in Germany. This is the Russian president’s comment.