Semyon Bagdasarov: Boosting National Birth Rates Matter of National Security For Russia!

Subscribe to Vesti News Semyon Bagdasarov, Director of the Center for Study of the Middle East and Central Asia: „As for weaponry, when they talk about increasing the purchase of weapons, we should not talk about reducing our military spending. People say we shouldn’t spend much on it. You see, if we yield in […]

Hong Kong Protesters Making a Killing! $50 Million Being Paid Out a Day to Keep People in Streets!

Subscribe to Vesti News While Zelensky has yet to deal with the consequences of Maidan, in China’s Hong Kong, they’re just staring one. Ukrainian nationalists seem to be bored at home and have decided to expand the geography of riots, moving to Hong Kong. They have their faces hidden as usual but they can’t […]

Minister of Finance Siluanov: US Senate to Punish Russia For Fighting ISIS in Syria With Sanctions!

Subscribe to Vesti News Last hour news. A US Senate committee has approved sanctions against Russia for helping Syria. Russia has been training for years to cope with such measures. It’s now at the same time tuning for cooperation and is preparing for new possible surprises. Moscow continues to reduce the share of the […]