Nationwide Vet Centers Help Combat Veterans Readjust To Everyday Life | NBC Nightly News

At Vet Centers across the U.S., part of the federal Veterans Administration, combat veterans and their families can get help through readjustment counseling, talk-therapy and activities. NBC’s Gabe Gutierrez travels to Spokane, Washington, where grateful service members say therapist Dave Baird changed their lives.» Subscribe to NBC News: » Watch more NBC video: […]

Shakhnazarov: Zelensky Should Crush Ukrainian Nationalism, Become a Napoleon Bonaparte

Subscribe to Vesti News Karen Shakhnazarov, famous director: „Whether Ukraine collapses or Zelensky manages to create a new Ukraine that’ll be an adequate country and will be much closer to Russia than it is now, is absolutely irrelevant to us.“

Watch Trump present the ‚President’s Cup‘ to sumo tournament winner in Japan

President Trump presented the „President’s Cup“ to the Tokyo Grand Sumo Tournament winner Asanoyama in Tokyo on May 26. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Follow us: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Legislate or investigate? Lawmakers weigh in on Trump, Pelosi clashes

Lawmakers reacted May 26 to escalating tensions between President Trump and House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.), as impeachment pressure grows among House Democrats. Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Follow us: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook:

Will Russian Scientists Finally Make a Living Wage? Putin Promises New Funds and Grants!

Subscribe to Vesti News Vladimir Putin met with young scientists and grantees of the government’s mega-grants, the cream of the crop of Russian science, the people who are today laying the foundation for the future breakthrough. Many of them, however, are achieving a breakthrough in their fields even today. These are the very brains […]

Europawahl: Reaktionen, Zahlen, Hintergründe – tagesthemen EXTRA

40 Jahre nach der ersten EU-Wahl stehen Christdemokraten und Sozialdemokraten erstmals vor dem Verlust ihrer Mehrheit im Europaparlament. Nach einer Prognose des Europaparlaments, die Daten aus elf EU-Ländern berücksichtigt, zeichnet sich ab, dass die Europäische Volkspartei (EVP), der CDU und CSU angehören, sowie die Allianz der Sozialdemokraten erhebliche Verluste einfahren werden. Das würde die Arbeit […]

TRT Haber Ana Haber Bülteni 26.05.2019

Gündeme dair en önemli konular Deniz Demir ile @trthaber Ana Haber Bülteni’nde. Daha Fazla Bilgi için; Mobil uygulamalar Android ➤ IOS ➤ Kanala abone olmak için ➤ TRT Haber Sosyal Medya adresleri Twitter ➤ Facebook ➤ Instagram ➤ Linkedin ➤ Medium ➤ Pinterest ➤ Dailymotion […]

Rolling Thunder rides through Washington for the last time

Thousands of motorcycle enthusiasts ride through Washington D.C. for Rolling Thunder, in what organizers say is the last gathering for the annual event. Read more: Subscribe to The Washington Post on YouTube: Follow us: Twitter: Instagram: Facebook: